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"This is a superb and wondrous book, an incredibly useful tool for lawyers, and to a large degree, for accountants and consultants as well. It is a monumental effort, produced by an outstanding editor."
- Bruce W. Marcus, The Marcus Letter

"Taecan is delighted to be recognized by Mr. Ambrogi as a top CLE site on the web. This is especially true because Mr. Ambrogi knows the legal market well and has done extensive research into what lawyers want to see on the Web for CLE."
- Patrick Vane, CEO, Inc.

"The Essential Guide is a cornucopia of virtual resources. The amount of useful information provided is remarkable, as author-attorney Robert J. Ambrogi culls through countless legal websites in an attempt to separate the useful hyperlinks from the useless hype."
- Chris Fritsch, J.D., Legal Technologist and Web Site
Consultant, writing for The Law Marketing Portal

"With more than 30 million sites out there, finding useful information on the Web can be as difficult as finding a building on an unfamiliar street without a roadmap. It is easy to get lost. Fortunately, The Essential Guide to the Best (And Worst) Legal Sites on the Web now provides an Internet map for lawyers, law students, librarians and academics.

"... It’s easy to get lost in a sea of information when researching without navigational aids. The Essential Guide to the Best (And Worst) Legal Sites contains a treasure trove of site reviews for legal researchers. The author’s organization and descriptive style make the book a joy to use. It is an excellent resource for finding legal and non-legal information on the Internet."
- Michael L. Goldblatt, Associate General Counsel,
Tidewater Inc., New Orleans, writing in
the American Bar Association's
Law Practice Management magazine.

Books and guides help you sort through the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet. I highly recommend The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web (by Robert Ambrogi, ALM Publishing, $34.95). This is a good general reference for law firms searching a variety of legal subjects.
- Ruth G. Balkin, CEO and Founder,
BALKIN Library & Information Services,
writing in Off The Shelf, Volume 17 Number 3/4,
March/April, 2002

"Ambrogi's book remains a bright-line reference to what has become a torrent of information on the law and legal topics from the Web. As the Internet grows, more legal professionals are attempting to make its rich resources understandable and accessible. The Essential Guide is one of those works that both the seasoned searcher and Web newcomer will welcome for this purpose."
- Mary Koshollek, director of library services,
Godfrey & Kahn, Milwaukee,
and adjunct professor, Marquette University Law School,
writing in Wisconsin Lawyer, July 2002.

Second edition
now available.
Updated, expanded and thoroughly revised.

The Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web

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